Clamp Changer

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Clamp Changer

The Premier Clamp Changer has been developed in response to customer requests for a pallet changing method that does not require tipping or inverting of the load. It has twin, soft rubber faced clamp plates that gently grip the product. The clamping pressure on the load is adjustable, and can be increased to the point where the machine will hold a load weighing up to 1000kgs.


  • Fast pallet to pallet transfer of block-stacked goods such as cardboard boxes or plastic crates
  • Transfer of loads that cannot be tipped or inverted


  • Load by pallet truck
  • Twin, chain-connected clamp tables with soft rubber lining
  • Adjustable pressure to enable load of up to 1000kgs to be clamped
  • Side guarding

Clamp Changer Diagram

     Clamp Changer Specifications
Sidewalls 1200mm deep
Sidewalls Opening Range 700mm x 1300mm
Maximum Load Height No Restriction
Loading Capacity 1000 kgs
Power Supply 3 phase / 400V / 16 amp
Motor Size 2.2kW
Controls 24V (Hold to run push button)
Actual Operating Space A. Width 2590mm B. Depth 1895mm C. Height 2195mm
Standard Shipping Dimensions (machine only) Width 2590mm Depth 1895mm Height 2195mm