OnRobot is a world leader in providing collaborative robot solutions with their end-of-arm tooling technologies. The tools include a full range of Plug & Produce Grippers, sensors, vision and the software that drives them. Using a unified mechanical interface, it helps manufacturers automate quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Customers can benefit from OnRobot’s patented technologies for more customized solutions.

Type of Application OnRobot

OnRobot Collaborative Applications

Mobile Phone Packaging with onRobot Gecko SP&RG2 Dual Gripper and VGC10 vacuum gripper

OnRobot Eyes – adding vision to robotic applications has never been easier!

OnRobot Soft Gripper

OnRobot Screwdriver offers fast, out-of-the-box setup and deployment with any leading robot

Three-finger gripper for cylinders | Up to 15 kg payload | CNC Machine Tending | OnRobot