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High-speed handling

1,800 packages per hour at maximum (for 130kg loads) (Improvement of20% compared with the conventional model) High performance based on the large capacity motor and the enhanced optimized motion control
* Motion pattern: 400mm in vertical direction, 2,000mm in horizontal direction and 60 degree in swivel movement

Flexible palletizing

Flexible layout of work-piece of various shapes/sizes due to the wide operation range (Pallet area size: 1,600mm squares and the hight is up to 2,212mm)
Hadling with suitable hand (option) for the work-piece is available

Compact layout

The large motion range and the space saving design reducing the interference amount realize the compact and flexible design of the equipments

Easy operation

Easy setup due to an interactive interface
Easy programming by interactive program generator


Robot specifcations

Exterior dimensions and operating envelope