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KR 30-3 And KR 60-3: 20 vARiAnTs foR neARlY eveRY ReqUiReMenT

Stay flexible – it’s easy with the KR 30-3 and KR 60-3 : there are 28 variants for you to choose from, so you can rest assured that you will be able to deploy the right robot for almost every conceivable application in the medium payload category. The result, in every case, is an automation solution that is both effcient and cost-saving.
Put more precisely: with the KR 30-3 and KR 60-3, productivity gains of up to 30% are not uncommon – and an availability of nearly 100% is taken for granted. Further decisive advantages offered by these robots are their ease of operation and space-saving integration into existing production sequences. The advantages : high planning reliability and security of investment.

Extremely fast – Extremely precise

Boost your production output : the optimally adapted motor / gear units of the KR 30-3 and KR 60-3 give you high performance in terms of cycle time and accuracy. The process forces generated are perfectly compensated for by the high stiffness of the FEM-optimized design. The advantages : shorter cycle times and greater productivity.

Extremely space-saving – Extremely efficient

Maximize your potential with the KR 30-3 and KR 60-3 : the small footprint enables problem-free implementation even in confned cell layouts. And thanks to its minimal disruptive contours, these versatile all-rounders also guarantee effcient offline programming. The advantages : high adaptability and simple programming.

Extremely diverse – Extremely optimized

Bank on diversity : in addition to the KR 30-3, the KR 60-3 is available with two different arm extensions, substantially increasing the reach and radius of action. All models can be mounted on the floor or ceiling, as required by the application. For use in cleanrooms or environments with a high degree of fouling, the special variants Cleanroom (CR) and Foundry (F) are also available. The advantages : greater flexibility and greater planning security.

Extremely versatile – Extremely safe

KUKA offers you a comprehensive range of software : from ready-made application software for the most common applications to simulation programs for planning robot cells and Safe Robot Technology for monitoring safety zones. And for precisely coordinated teamwork with several robots, we offer the RoboTeam application package. The advantages : maximum scope and maximum safety.

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