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MUlTi-TAlenTs wiTh A ModUlAR desiGn.

Extremely powerful motors, gear units and servo drives – Series 2000 robots give you greater performance. These talented all-rounders come in fve rating classes : for payloads from 150 to 270 kg and reaches from 2,700 to 3,000 mm. Thanks to their modular design and the wide range of expansion options, these robots can be quickly upgraded or converted – and thus perfectly adapted to your application. As if that were not enough, Series 2000 robots are also available as special variants: Cleanroom (CR) for stringent cleanroom requirements; Foundry (F) for environments with a high degree of fouling and high temperatures; and an optional variant with food-compatible H1 oil. The advantages : a high degree of planning reliability and security of investment.

Extremely modular – Extremely expandable

The 2000 Series offers a wide variety of models, as well as numerous expansion options such as different arm extensions or mounting variants for the ceiling or floor. In this way, the robots can also be quickly retroftted for increased payload or reach. There’s no more laborious, cost-intensive implementation of new systems – and production can start in record time. The advantages : flexible production and rapid commissioning.

Extremely powerful – Extremely precise

High speed and maximum output : the high installed motor capacity and high-torque gear units in all axes make the 2000 Series highly dynamic and extremely powerful. Added to this is the precision control, which gives these high-performers a repeatability of ±0.06 mm. The result : better manufacturing quality, fewer rejects, and thus greater effciency for your production. The advantages : shorter cycle times and higher quality.

Extremely well-designed – Extremely cost-effective

Cost-effectiveness was a major priority right from the design phase of the 2000 Series : state-of-the-art engineering, as in the gear units with the highest torque in their class, guarantees 40,000 hours of continuous operation. Moreover, wear-resistant components, such as robot wrists with beltless spur gears, extend maintenance intervals – and cut costs. The advantages : trouble-free production and greater planning security.

Extremely versatile – Extremely safe

KUKA offers you a comprehensive range of software : from ready-made application software for the most common applications to simulation programs for planning robot cells and Safe Robot Technology for monitoring safety zones. And for precisely coordinated teamwork with several robots, we offer the RoboTeam application package. The advantages : maximum scope and maximum safety.

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