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KR 100-2 pA And KR 180-2 pA: oUR MosT popUlAR pAlleTizeRs

Higher, faster, further: KUKA makes things easy for you – with the most extensive range of palletizing robots in the world. A total of eleven models are available for your palletizing, order picking and handling tasks: with payloads from 40 to 1,300 kg and reaches from 1,991 to 3,600 mm. This unique comprehensiveness gives
you the flexibility to use the robot that is perfectly dimensioned for your requirements. For individual models, various options are available : different arm extensions and the use of H1 oil approved for applications in the food industry. You can also decisively expand the work envelope of any model by mounting it on a KUKA linear unit. A further decisive factor: you beneft from top quality and shorter cycle times. The advantages : a high degree of planning reliability and security of investment.

Extremely fast – Extremely optimized

Increase your output : the KR 100-2 PA and KR 180-2 PA belong to the 2000 Series and thus have particularly powerful motors and high performance gear units. These ensure top dynamic performance and fast production at approx. 30 cycles per minute. And thanks to the optimized design, these stacking specialists are able to stack multiple pallets up to great heights with ease. The advantages : shorter cycle times and greater productivity.

Extremely powerful – Extremely reliable

With their carbon-fber-reinforced components, the KR 100-2 PA and KR 180-2 PA score in more ways than one : firstly, the mass to be moved is reduced, thereby greatly increasing performance and reducing energy consumption. Secondly, the usual high stiffness is maintained, ensuring reliable operation for every requirement. Thirdly, the resulting functional design has already won many awards. The advantages : greater performance and lower energy consumption.

Extremely cold-proof – Extremely cost-saving

Engineered for deep-freeze environments : The KR 180-2 PA is also available as the special Arctic variant for reliable palletizing down to -30 °C. The special Arctic equipment ensures reliable operation and protects all drive units and electric cables. This robot needs neither a protective suit nor special heating for the mechanical system, which signifcantly reduces costs and maintenance requirements. The advantages : optimal availability and utmost reliability.

Extremely simple – Extremely versatile

KUKA has the right software package for your palletizing tasks : for example, KUKA.Pallet Pro for planning and controlling cells, or KUKA.GripperTech for simple gripper programming. For offline simulations and cycle time optimization we offer the
program KUKA.Sim. Programming is also made easy by the intuitive user interface and clear visualization. The advantages : maximum ease of operation and rapid commissioning.

Technical details KR 100-2 PA and KR 180-2 PA