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Their versatility and flexibility make the KUKA KR 6-2 and KR 16-2 our most popular robots. These masterful movers have a payload of 6 or 16 kg and, thanks to their design, are ideal for all space-saving, cost-effective system concepts. That’s why they are used virtually everywhere – both in the automotive components industry and in non-automotive sectors.

With minimized disruptive contours and a streamlined robot wrist design, these high-precision multi-talents offer outstanding accessibility, even in confned spaces. For cleanroom requirements or environments with a high degree of fouling and high temperatures, the KR 16-2 is also available in the special variants Cleanroom (CR) and Foundry (F). The advantages: high planning reliability and security of investment.

Extremely flexible – Extremely space-optimized

Open up your options : the KR 6-2 and KR 16-2 are available in 13 different variants and can also be installed on the ceiling or wall. In combination with variable mounting positions and an highly streamlined robot wrist, they are suitable for many different applications and can be optimally adapted to existing space conditions. The advantages : flexible production and reduced space requirements.

Extremely durable – Extremely cost-effective

You can depend on it : with our accumulated experience from around 15,000 systems sold, we have continually improved the robots in the low payload category. The results speak for themselves. The low-maintenance KR 6-2 and KR 16-2 offer impressive reliability and long service life, while you in turn benefit from long service cycles – thus making substantial savings on maintenance costs. The advantages : reduced downtime and rapid commissioning.

Extremely cost-effective – Extremely precise

Automatically better : with a KUKA robot you not only have all process steps under control, but also benefit from top performance and flexibility. Thanks to pioneering robotics and control technology, you can rely around the clock on maximum precision – as well as on ease of operation, simple spacesaving integration into production sequences, and availability rates of almost 100%. The advantages : production with greater precision and lower costs.

Extremely Versatile – Extremely Safe

KUKA offers you a comprehensive range of software : from ready-made application software for the most common applications to simulation programs for planning robot cells and Safe Robot Technology for monitoring safety zones. And for precisely coordinated teamwork with several robots, we offer the RoboTeam application package. The advantages : maximum scope and maximum safety.

Technical details KR 6-2 and KR 16-2