System Integration

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System Integration

We now have the experience to offer Line System Integration. This will encompass solutions to your specific needs from machine solutions to integration with your production line.

We designed our Automatic Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machine to work with an ABB Robot that inserted cardboard paper corners to the customer’s pallet loads for increased strength and protection during transportation. This project was executed for F&N Dairies (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Another example is a BP Castrol Thailand conveyor system that integrated a Fuji Robot with a Rotary-Arm Automatic Pallet Wrapping machine.

At SCG Ceramic we integrated Horizontal and Vertical Strapping machines to the Conveyor system. At other projects with SCG Lampang and Thalung we successfully integrated the insertion of paper corners, labels, wrapping and strapping with a combination of Wrapping machines with top sheet, ABB Robot and Vertical strapping.

These are some representative examples of solutions we have implemented for our customers.

Contact us for your System Integration specific to your needs.

Contact us for your Conveyorized Line System Integration specific to your needs.


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