Pallet Inverter

Pallet Inverter Model FS
The FS is the simpler and less costly option where forklift trucks are available and ground level loading is not essential. It has a loading capacity of 2000 kgs (if you have lighter loads then please look at our DD1.25 data sheet).

The FS is ideal for boxed, bagged or canned goods and is versatile enough to handle everything from yogurt and biscuits to bottles of wine or cement.

-  Load transfer from wood to plastic or other hygienic pallet
-  Recovery of damaged goods or broken boards from the bottom of the stack
-  Switching to and from high quality in-house pallets
-  Increased flexibility in pallet use enabling transfer to rental, expendable or customer pallets for distribution

-  180 degree free-standing inverter
-  Loading capacity 2000 kgs
-  Single clamping table
-  Loaded and relocatable by forklift truck
-  Simple lever controls and attached guards
-  Optional push button and automated controls plus floor fixed and photo-electric guard


  FS1600 FS1900 FS2200
Usable Max 1.60m Max 1.90m Max 2.20m
Jaw Opening Min 0.92m Min 1.06m Min 1.13m
Standard Width 1.37m Width 1.37m Width 1.37m
Load Tables Depth 1.22m Depth 1.22m Depth 1.22m
Loading Capacity 2000 kgs 2000 kgs 2000 kgs

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