Pallet Wrapping Machine

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine With Power pre-stretch Model ATEMAC 2000B

System Controlwith PLC,  selectfunction  both Auto and Manual,  height checking with  Sensors, start and stop working smoothly  with inverters, stretch film more than 200%  with the Power pre-stretch.

Power Voltage  AC220/110V 1P 50/60Hz 1.0KW
Speed of turntable  0~12r/min
Dia. of turntable  Ø1650/Ø1800 / Ø 2000 etc.)
Mast height 
2400mm(product height 2100 mm )
3000mm(product height 2500 mm )
Film  LLDPE film, width<=500mm,out diameter<=280mm
Capacity 2000kg
Package size  2650 x1650 x800mm
G.W/N.W 800 kg/ 750 kg